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Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands.

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands.

  • What is GetMyDNA Test?

    GetMyDNA is a simple, at-home genetic test that provides you and your healthcare professional with valuable information to suggest potential medication modifications to help you live a healthier life. GetMyDNA test looks at the key genetic factors that can play a role in how well you may respond to different medications and determines if you may be at an increased risk of your medication not working or causing side effects.



Our testing covers over 20 key genes that affect how you may respond to over 130 medications for pain management, mental health, cardiology, and more.


Time of Results

Once our lab receives your kit, we will have the results reported with 3-5 business days and delivered to you through a secure, HIPAA compliant portal.


Ease of Testing

No need for needles, our cheek swab is
painless and easy. You simply swab, package, and return with the prepaid USPS bag you are provided.

  • Order Your GetMyDNA Test Kit

    To begin, select from the options below:

GetMyDNA Test Kit


  • A simple, at-home genetic test that gives you insights into how you may respond to medications
  • Receive personalized insights into the potential effectiveness of over 130 medications for pain management, mental health, cardiology, and more
  • May reduce adverse drug events and prevent trial and error approach with certain medications
  • Easy to read, actionable reports to share with your doctor
  • Painless swab collection
  • We never share your information
GetMyDNA Virtual Gift Card


  • Price includes all the same features of the GetMyDNA Test Kit
  • This option gives you the ability to purchase the kit for someone other than yourself
  • Help your loved one live a healthier life 
  • You will receive a one-time unique code for the full price of the kit to send to them
  • Great for special occasions like birthdays and holidays
  • Painless swab collection
  • We never share their information

What Our Customers Say

"I spent several years trying multiple medications for anxiety and depression and failing to find the right one. After having this test done and adjusting my medications, I have had tremendous success! This test has truly changed my life.”
-Lauren from Tennessee

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Let us know if you have any questions regarding the GetMyDNA test or anything else we can help answer for you. We are here to help. Learn more about our gene testing guarantee. 

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