GetMyDNA announces Tessie Bertrams as Director of Marketing

(Covington, KY) – GetMyDNA is proud to announce the hire of Tessie Bertrams as the Director of Marketing.

Bertrams is an Ohio-native marketer with a passion for brand building and leadership. She attended the University of Kentucky where she studied digital marketing and business and was a member of their award-winning student advertising team. Throughout her career, she has had success leading marketing strategy across multiple industries, including non-profit, media, e-commerce, and healthcare staffing. In her free time, you can find her running local races and trying new workout classes, attending networking events, and enjoying time with her family and close friends.

Tessie stated, “It is an exciting time to be joining GetMyDNA, as they are experiencing growth and launching new products. I look forward to working with the ambitious senior leadership team and being a part of defining the marketing and product strategy moving forward”.

“Creating a strong marketing strategy is an important step to increase awareness and adoption of GetMyDNA. The product sets out to better educate and protect patients and providers, lower their healthcare costs, and in the most severe cases potentially prevent serious adverse events for patients,” said Tony Remington, CEO and President of GetMyDNA.

GetMyDNA offers consumers a chance to test their DNA through pharmacogenetics testing to see how they might respond to certain medications with the guidance of a medical professional. This testing allows for consumers to partner with a medical professional to find and or prevent the use of medications that may not respond well to. Learn more about GetMyDNA.


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