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Pharmacogenetics Sample Collection Instructions

Download PGx Kit Instructions

Register Your Kit &
Follow Instructional Video

Use the QR code above to begin registering your kit on our website or go to getmydna.com/register.

Fill out Tube Labels
& Place on Tubes

Your kit comes with two blank label stickers; fill out the stickers with your name, date of birth and the date of collection, in pen only, and place the sticker labels vertically on the tubes. Your information must be legible, and match what you used to register your kit.

Do not write directly on the tube.

Remove 1 Cheek Swab From Tube

Remove one sterile cheek swab from it’s tube.

Be sure not to touch the bristles!

Scrape Inside Cheek With Cheek Swab

Scrape the bristle end of the swab against the inside of your cheek 20 times in a twirling motion.

Air Dry Swab for 15 Min.

After scraping the inside of your cheek, place the cheek swab, bristle side up in a safe and clean location and let dry in open air for 15 minutes.

It’s important that nothing touches the bristle end of the brush in this stage.

Place Swab In Tube
& Secure Cap

Gently place the cheek swab back into the tube it came in and close the cap.

Make sure that the lid is securely shut.

Repeat Steps 3-6

Repeat steps 3-6 on the opposite cheek, using the unopened swab.

Do not repeat steps with the first swab you used.

Place Tubes in Biohazard Bag & Securely Close Bag

Place your tubes into the biohazard bag, in the same section as the absorbent pad, and securely close the bag.

Do not remove the absorbent pad from the biohazard bag.

Your time is valuable.

When you've finished collecting your sample be sure to locate your nearest FedEx drop-off location at fedex.com/locate to ship your sample to the lab for the quickest result turn around time!

Free next day shipping via FedEx Standard Overnight® is included with any GetMyDNA home test collection kit.

Shipping Instructions

Place Biohazard Bag
in Original Box for Return

Place your sealed biohazard bag containing your completed sample into the original box you received your kit in for return.

Place Box in Return Envelope & Disinfect

Place your closed box in the pre-addressed, prepaid FedEx envelope and use the two alcohol prep pads to disinfect the outside of the mailer, avoiding the return label.

Take to FedEx Drop-Off Location

To find a Fedex drop box or location near you go to fedex.com/locate

Reminder: Drop off your sample on the same day you collect before the last pickup at that location.

Sit back and relax!

Sit back and relax knowing that your test is on its way to the lab!
On average, customers receive their results within 5 days of their sample reaching the lab.

Receiving your results

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a board-certified physician will review and release your results .

You will receive an email from GetMyDNA with your results and a link to view the report.



See below for some of our most frequently asked questions!
What is a pharmacogenetics?

Medicines can effect people differently, in part because our genetic makeup can affect the manner in which we metabolize different drugs, resulting in very different responses and side effects. Pharmacogenetics analyzes your DNA to identify your unique genetic variations associated with specific medications, giving you an actionable report on how your body will metabolize these medicines.

What will my results tell me?

You’ll receive a clear and easy to read report that will highlight how your body metabolizes various drugs, based on FDA guidance. This report is intended for you to take to a medical professional to help find your optimal prescription routine, under no circumstances should you alter your medication without consulting a physician.

How long will it take me to get my results?

Our home kits are shipped within 1-2 days of your order being received (Mon-Sat) via FedEx overnight shipping. In order to get your sample to our lab as fast as possible, we include a prepaid FedEx return bag for overnight shipping. Please ensure you drop off your kit the same day the sample is taken, prior to the last pickup for your FedEx location. Results are generally available within 5 days of being received at the lab.

What Medicines will this test inform me about?

The FDA has currently released enough guidance to enable us to accurately test for 88 common medicines. We’ll continue to add medications to this list as FDA guidance is updated.